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Job Shadowing with
Dr Soon Chao Yang  

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The Heart Doctors (THD) Clinic welcomes pre-tertiary students who are interested in the healthcare industry to shadow Dr Soon Chao Yang.  We hope that these opportunities will pique the interests of the next generation to be future healthcare leaders.

We have supported many JC students who are keen to pursue medicine by giving them an invaluable experience:

 far beyond what they can  learn in a classroom setting.

The THD Job Shadowing Programme  which can span from three days to one week (morning session only), will give insight to students on what it is like to work in a heart specialist clinic. You will be given the opportunity to witness up close and personal experience of a doctor's life on a day to day basis. In addition, you will get to see  the interaction  between a doctor and his patients and day to day operations of the clinic.

We would like to support your journey - to save lives !


Please be aware that job shadowing opportunities will not be available during school holidays or term breaks. Therefore, please check your availability outside of school breaks and holidays before applying.

There is a waitlist and availability is subject to confirmation. 

The clinic holds full discretion over the selection process for Job Shadowing,

and their decisions are final.

Regrettably, no further explanations will be provided if you are not selected. 


All slots for 2024 have been filled.

Please revisit this space for further updates


Email your resume and contact number to :

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